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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
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Understanding The Power of Adaptation
By: Paul Nison

Our bodies will adapt to any harmful situation and be able to deal with it for a while. Many people believe it’s amazing that someone can simply stop eating harmfully and get cured from diseases such as cancer. What is really amazing is that someone can eat so harmfully for years and not get cancer. The body is amazing and has astounding power to adapt to any situation. Take, for example, the air we're breathing. Most of us today are breathing poor quality air. What deceives us is the body's amazing power of adaptation. After a time, the body will adjust and adapt itself to a very dirty atmosphere, and we'll be able to breathe without noticeable discomfort. If a healthy person were to be placed in the same poor air, it would seem intolerable to him. This adaptation is termed "immunity." According to this theory, man becomes immune to a condition or poison if it doesn't kill him on the spot. Such adaptation can occur only at the expense of general depression of all the vital functions, which necessarily becomes injurious if long continued or often repeated. It is in this condition that people slowly get sicker and sicker while being treated for some "mysterious disease." There is no mystery at all. If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same result. Change the action until you get the result you want.

The body is so perfectly equipped with the power of adaptation that it will adjust itself in time to tolerate an atmosphere so poisonous that it would kill a vital, healthy man in a few moments, if he were suddenly to walk into it. Due to the body's power of adaptation, people can live constantly in polluted air and, on the surface, suffer nothing more than coughs, colds, hay fever, sore throats, and other mild ailments of the respiratory organs. Yet, they are dying by inches from the effects of that air and don't know it.

Every sneeze, every cough, every cold, and every headache is the first warning that you are diseased. Most people don’t understand what health is and what the body needs, so they take poisonous remedies, further depressing their vital functions and suppressing their symptoms while they continue to ignore and/or defy the laws of our Creator.

We must react, not adapt

If we take care of our bodies and avoid putting things into them that don't belong, they will still be able to react to this dirt, and will begin to show signs of pain. We want to react and not adapt. It's unfortunate that when we are sick or don't feel well, we are given drugs and antibiotics that actually make us dirtier rather than cleaner. We must do our best when we're young to learn what pain is and why we experience discomfort. If we eat pizza and soda or a hotdog and our stomachs get upset, we must rest until we’re better and not put anything else into our systems. Just as we try to keep the outsides of our bodies from getting dirty, we have to keep the insides of our bodies from getting dirty. It's all done in the same way: by not playing in dirt or with dirt. By avoiding dirt, we cannot get dirty. Since most of us didn't learn this lesson until now, we're already dirty inside. This dirt is what causes excess mucus and slime and other health problems. We will continue to get dirtier until we stop ingesting this dirt, and we'll continue to get cleaner as we rid our bodies of the excess mucus and slime.

Paul Nison is a raw food chef, author and popular educator that speaks all over the world on the benefits of a raw food diet. He can be reached at: http://www.PaulNison.com.

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